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We can create many types of videos for your business including:
  • Three minute video about your business including footage of your office and team members
  • 30 second introduction to your practice or business
  • Series of instructional videos for your customers
  • Videos specifically for your social media audiences

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We design powerful, fast, user-friendly websites using WordPress.

Whether you are starting from scratch and need help with text, photos and videos, or need your old website updated and redesigned, we would love to work with you!

We like to think outside the box, so let’s brainstorm together!

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A recent study showed that 69% of people would choose to watch a video rather than read text about a service they are considering. The study also showed that one in four consumers actually lose interest in a company if it doesn’t have a video.

Data-Driven Storytelling

Using examples from publications such as National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian Channel and Science Magazine, this presentation will show how to transform information into a powerful visual story. Often we need to share complex data, research or other information in a format that can reach a broad audience for a variety of purposes, including increasing awareness, securing funding, initiating change or entertaining an audience. This presentation will cover:

  • Six aspects of a powerful story and how telling stories has a physical effect on your audience
  • How publications such as National Geographic, Smithsonian Channel and Science Magazine create powerful visual stories
  • Methods you can use to build a strong narrative around data and scientific information

Cover Stories: Robotic Ray

Science Magazine “Cover Stories” offer a look at the process behind the art on the cover: who made it, how it got made, and why.